• IMG_1494Grades K5-12
  • Exciting Bible-based curriculum
  • Affiliated with over 7000 schools utilizing the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum
  • Honors (Bright Futures), college prep and general diploma opportunities
  • Recognized internationally as a “Model School”
  • Athletics, music, speech, and art competitions
  • Individualized instruction for each child on a level that he can best perform
  • Fully-funded scholarships for eligible McKay students (ESEs) and low income families.


Providence Christian Academy was founded in 1998 as a ministry of Providence Bible Church.  In 2011, Providence Bible Church merged with Central Baptist Church and is now a ministry of Central.  PCA’s mission is to provide excellent Bible-centered, individualized academic training to young people to enable and equip them to receive God’s blessings upon their lives. Students and staff alike are excited about extensive building remodeling completed this summer which has allowed the school to accept more students.  The renovations expanded classroom spaces and equipped the main learning center with new carpet, new lights, opening up new student office areas. PCA is proud to announce that their high school students not only won dozens of awards at Regional Convention, they received the prestigious “Christian Character Award” for their school over 15 other schools at a week of competition at Norman Park, GA.  As a result, they were selected to carry the regional banner at the opening ceremonies of the International Convention competitions held in Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  They came away with dozens of medals and many new friends made that week.  Most cherished awards were the first-place Preaching Awards and Bible Memory Awards. If there is one indicator of whether students like the school and staff, it is the fact that the same students want to return to our school year after year.  Most graduating seniors have been with our school an average of three years, which means some of them have been with our school for six or more years.  Our school is like the old-fashioned one-room school houses that made our nation great.  Our students are all on individualized programs designed to meet the needs of each individual student.  Students who need additional help have access to two hours or more of private tutoring each week.  The uniquely-designed Accelerated Christian Education program allows staff to meet the needs of every child whether learning disabled of gifted.  The test of a Christian school, however, is the success of the graduates.  Ask us about our graduates; we are immensely proud of each one and their achievements.