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Dear Friends,

We did it! Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 850 into law. Check out the web site at Senate Bill 850 will help:

* Children in foster care to apply year round and keep their scholarship once adopted
* Students in grades 6-12 can apply for the program without leaving their private school for a year
* In 2015 school year, working class families are now eligible for a partial scholarship.

There is a July 15 deadline to finish the application and fax in documents to prove your residency and income status. If you plan to apply, please make an appointment as soon as possible to get the application started. If you know of friends who are interested in applying for their children, please let them know to apply by this deadline.

The 2014 legislative session was a remarkable one. Parents united all over the state in record numbers to call, email, and visit their lawmakers. They traveled to Tallahassee and testified before committees. They wrote to newspapers and posted comments on news blogs. Moms and dads and grandparents and guardians shared stories of hope and determination as they talked about finding a school that best met their children’s needs.

This is a great victory for parental choice and for the thousands of parents who are struggling to provide their children with a better life. This proves that when parents unite – our voices are heard and we make quite a difference.

Your respectfully,

Phyllis Dechant
Admissions Counselor
Providence Christian Academy
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Crawfordville, FL 32327-2404
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Florida has created a new Personal Learning Scholarship Account (PLSA) to help parents individualize the educational plans for their children with special needs. Sign up to stay informed.

A different kind of scholarship: The PLSA is different than other state scholarships, because it lets parents direct the money toward any combination of programs – schools, therapists, specialists, curriculum, technology, even a college savings account – the parent thinks will provide the best path to their child’s educational success.

Is your child eligible? This scholarship is for Florida students in kindergarten through 12th grade with one of the following disabilities: autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Spina bifida, Williams syndrome or Intellectual Disability (impairment). Also, kindergarteners deemed “high risk” because of developmental delays can be eligible. The students need either an Individual Education Plan (IEP) from a school district or a formal diagnosis from a licensed physician or psychologist. Students entering kindergarten must be 5 on or before September 1. They cannot receive the scholarship while they are attending a public school full-time or are receiving any other state-sponsored scholarship, but they can receive it as part of home education.

How much is the scholarship worth? The scholarship amount varies according to grade, county and disability, but the average amount for most students in 2014-15 is $10,000. Students with the most severe disabilities are eligible for a higher scholarship amount.

How many scholarships are available? For the first year, 2014-15, the state is providing enough money to support roughly 1,800 students. The scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

How you can spend the money in your child’s account: Parents can use the account to pay for a variety of services and materials, including: tuition and fees at an eligible private school; applied behavior analysis services; speech-language pathologists; occupational therapy; physical therapy; services from listening and spoken language specialists; private tutoring; virtual programs or online courses; exam fees; contract services from school districts; contributions to the state prepaid college program; instructional materials, including digital devices and assistive technology; curriculum materials.

How long the scholarship lasts: Students can receive scholarship payments until they graduate from high school or reach age 22. Funds can roll over from one year to the next, and the account remains in place until a student graduates from a postsecondary institution or until the student graduates from high school and attends no postsecondary education for four consecutive years. At that point, the account is closed and any remaining money reverts to the state.

Can I still home educate my child? Yes, the PLSA can be used as an educational tool for parents who choose to educate their child in their own home.


Providence Christian Academy Students Win 63 Medals

Providence Christian Academy’s seventh through twelfth grade students brought back handfuls of medals, sixty-three in all, after four days of exciting competitions at Accelerated Christian Education’s Regional Student Convention held at the South Georgia Youth Camp in Tifton, Ga. April 8-11, 2014. The Convention challenges students ages 13 and older to develop their ministry skills by competing in more than 140 events in categories such as music, speech/drama, athletics, arts, and academics. Fifteen other schools compete in the Deep South Regional Convention.

Pastor Steve Folsom says, “We are proud of our young people. They worked hard to compete in so many different and difficult categories. These conventions give Christian young people opportunities to develop leadership skills. Preparation and competition develops skills and attitudes that prepare students for life. These winners are now eligible to compete at the next level on May 24-29 at the International Student Convention with over 1,500 students who come from similar schools using the same ACE Curriculum, while interacting with students from all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries. Providence Christian Academy achieved ‘Model School’ status wholly due to the diligence and dedication of students with accomplishments like these.”

First place winners are Tiffany Bass in Poetry Recitation; Jennifer Quitaleg in Monochromatic Scenic Photography, and also first in Color Scenic Photography; Darius Sapp in Vocal Solo; Jake Taylor in Soccer Kick. Tiffany Bass’ poetry recitation was judged “Command Performance”.

Teams placing first are Timothy Babcock, Darius Sapp, and Ashley and Haley Turnbow who participated in the Bible Bowl; Tiffany Bass and Darius Sapp in Mixed Vocal Duet; Darius Sapp and Jake Taylor in Puppets.

Second place individuals who received awards are Timothy Babcock in spelling; Tiffany Bass in Poetry Writing and in Short Story Writing; Jake Taylor in 100-Meter Dash; and Micaiah White in Shot-Put.

PCA’s Academic PACE Bowl students — Tiffany Bass, Darius Sapp, Jake Taylor and Micaiah White — took second place in stiff competition with other schools.

The PCA choral ensemble came in second with their rendition of “Almighty, Unchangeable God” written by Cindy Berry. Participants were Daniel Abraham, Liliana Abraham, Timothy Babcock, Tiffany Bass, Amber Mispel, Jennifer Quitaleg, Darius Sapp, Ashley Turnbow, Haley Turnbow, and Micaiah White.

Third place winners are Daniel Abraham with his Monochromatic Plant and Animal Photography, and Tiffany Bass with her Monochromatic Character Trait Photography.

Teams placing third are Daniel and Liliana Abraham in Dramatic Dialogue, and Liliana Abraham and Jennifer Quitaleg in Puppets.

Jennifer Quitaleg placed fourth in Poetry Recitation, as did Micaiah White in Chess, and Darius Sapp and Micaiah White in Dramatic Dialogue.


Fifth place winners are Daniel Abraham in Spelling, and in Animal Color Photography; Tiffany Bass in Bible Memory; Ashley and Haley Turnbow in Dramatic Dialogue; and Tiffany Bass and Haley Turnbow in Puppets.

Coming in sixth are Tiffany Bass in Animal Color Photography, and Ashley Turnbow in Bible Memory.

PCA-Winners-2014PCA’s mixed vocal quartet — Tiffany Bass, Amber Mispel, Darius Sapp, and Micaiah White — placed sixth with “Gold and Silver and Precious Stones” written by Cary Schmidt.

Providence Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Baptist Church located at 710 Shadeville Rd., Crawfordville. Central Baptist Church is located at the corner of Shadeville Rd. and Powell Lane. Stephen Folsom is pastor, and Aaron Clark is principal. For more information call (850) 926-2456.


Students in photo:

Front, left to right: Daniel Abraham, Ashley Turnbow, Haley Turnbow, Liliana Abraham, Jennifer Quitaleg

Back, left to right: Timothy Babcock, Darius Sapp, Jake Taylor, Micaiah White, Tiffany Bass, Amber Mispel